Hasbro Power Rangers Toys, Replicas & Figures

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Hasbro Power Rangers Toys, Replicas, And Figures

The Power Rangers are back in business!

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with Zavvi AU, and browse through our extensive range of officially licensed Hasbro Power Rangers toys, replicas, and figures — ideal for beginning (or expanding) your Power Rangers collection.

Power Rangers first appeared in the 1990s as a television series. Since then, the show has had multiple spin-off series, video games, and movies, establishing the franchise as a classic of pop culture.

If you’ve got a special event on the horizon (whether that be a birthday, Christmas, or any of the above), these Hasbro Power Rangers toys, replicas, and figures are the perfect way to make the occasion one to remember.

We have a whole host of products available for an affordable price, with massive discounts and limited-time offers that you won’t want to miss out on!

It’s Morphin’ Time

Based on Super Santai, a Japanese tokusatsi franchise, Power Rangers was produced and released by Saban Entertainment in 1993 — achieving a massive following of loyal fans.

The Power Rangers is a team made up of five teenagers, who are guided and trained by the mighty Zordon. Together, they use their unique abilities to fight back against the evil Rita Repulsa, all while dressed in bright-coloured suits.

We have a variety of Power Rangers generations for you to pick from — featuring the original series, video games, and more.

Mega(zord) Deals

Choosing just one product from our line-up of Hasbro Power Rangers toys, replicas, and figures is a tough undertaking. As such, why not take advantage of our exclusive multi-buy deals? This is the perfect opportunity to build your collection of pop-culture memorabilia.

For more mighty-morphin' offers, stay tuned to the latest from our page of Hasbro Power Rangers toys, replicas, and figures!