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Z Nation Merchandise

Presenting Syfy’s hit TV series Z Nation, Zavvi is proud to bring you a wide selection of Z Nation DVDs, Blu-rays, and merchandise directly from the barren wastelands of an apocalyptic world.

Bring On The Apocalypse

Zombie fiction is all the rage these days, inviting viewers into worlds devastated by unrelenting hordes of zombies. And Z Nation is one of the many incredible TV series to follow the intriguing lives of the few survivors of these dying societies, alongside such critical hits as The Walking Dead.

However, Z Nation sets itself apart from this growing crowd, presenting the world of the apocalypse with a greater emphasis on fun and dark humour. So, if you’re getting tired of the same-old formula, Z Nation is a refreshing take on an otherwise oversaturated genre.

Join Z Nation’s cast of ragtag survivors as they attempt to escort a man to the labs of CDC in California – a man whose blood may be the long-awaited key to humanity’s survival. Witness this incredible series as it grows from its humble routes into an expansive journey with many fan-favourite characters along the way.

Concluded with its fifth and final series in 2018, Z Nation is an epic, sprawling series worthy of your time, crafting a compelling story-arc from start to finish and providing thrills with each subsequent episode following its engrossing pilot.

Meet The Survivors

Led by Simon ‘Citizen Z’ Cruller, Z Nation’s surviving humans attempt to transport Alvin Murphy – an ex-prisoner who was forcefully made to take an experimental vaccine for the zombie virus. Transforming into something resembling a human-zombie hybrid, this one man may be the last hope for a species on the brink of extinction. But can Murphy be trusted? The apocalypse is a lawless place, and you can never know what’s around the corner...

Immerse Yourself In The World Of Z Nation

Experience this unique zombie experience with Zavvi’s broad range of DVDs and Blu-rays, capturing the whole show in its entirety from series one all the way to the climatic fifth and final series.

For any fan of zombie film and TV, this makes the perfect gift, bringing all the genre-defining tropes that have become staples of zombie media and bringing a host of new encounters to shake things up along the way. Don’t let this one pass you by! Join the horde of Z Nation fans already part of this growing community of zombie fans!