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Akira Merchandise

Rev up your engines, and ride your motorbikes to the dystopian city of Neo-Tokyo with Zavvi AU’s wide range of Akira merchandise. For fans of the classic animated film, we have a whole host of products available to purchase.

Welcome To Neo-Tokyo

Released in 1988, Akira is a Japanese animated film set in a futuristic interpretation of 2019. In this world, the city of Neo-Tokyo stands tall after the conclusion of a world war; however, corruption, violence, and terrorism are rife.

The narrative follows Shōtarō Kaneda, a leader of a motorbike gang called the Capsules. While challenging a rival gang referred to as the Clowns, Keneda’s friend Tetsuo Shima crashes into an escaped government prisoner and esper, Takashi. The two are taken away, and Kenda meets a member of the resistance known as Kei.

While being held at a secret facility, Tetsuo is found to have psychic abilities on par with the one responsible for creating the singularity that destroyed the original Tokyo: Akira. There is a fear that Neo-Tokyo will soon meet the same fate as its predecessor. Eventually, Tetsuo escapes from his captivity and is placed in hospital due to severe headaches.

Kaneda, having overheard the resistance’s plan to free his friend and other captive espers, joins Kei. Meanwhile, Tetsuo’s powers grow stronger, and he is led to believe that only the preserved Akira can help him. He starts to rampage throughout the city, killing various people along the way. Kaneda attempts to stop him, but Tetsuo proves to be too strong.