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Looking for the latest and greatest in Rick and Morty merch? If so, Zavvi AU has ALL the answers with a huge selection of merchandise from this zany franchise.

When it comes to bizarre but brilliant comedy, no-one quite does it like this quirky grandfather and grandson duo. The pair have been travelling the universe and various dimensions for some time now and they've gone on some absolutely outrageous adventures in the process courtesy of Rick’s portal gun.

Morty, dragged around by his crazy grandfather Rick Sanchez (who also happens to be the most intelligent man in the universe) gets them involved in all sorts of crazy and comical situations that result in a lot of laughs.

The duo encounters a range of crazy planets, scenarios and characters in the process that live long in the memory. I mean who can forget the likes of Mr Poopybutthole, Bird Person, Noob Noob, Squanchy, Scary Terry and of course, everyone’s favourite pickle, Pickle Rick. Some of the characters they encounter are hilarious and these just the tip of the iceberg.

Rick and Morty’s adventures see them spend a lot of time away from Earth but they do drag the rest of the Smith’s (Jerry, Beth & Summer) along sometimes.

Although we’re not too sure that they actually enjoy being involved in them and the times they are left at home, they have to put up with Rick’s helpful but kooky creations like Mr Meeseeks. A word of advice, don’t ask them to help you take two strokes off your golf game.

The mad grandfather is always coming up with quirky inventions and innovative plans that often result in chaos. But fortunately for all you super fans out there, our range of Rick and Morty merch is a lot safer, so there’s no need to worry about being dragged into a different dimension or world!

We all love this franchise for how unpredictably fantastic it is and at Zavvi AU we have a range of merchandise which totally reflects this. We have a selection of officially licensed clothing including Rick and Morty t shirts, hoodies and even Christmas jumpers featuring your favourite characters. We must admit, these are pretty great and they give you the chance to make your wardrobe schwifty.

But that isn’t where the merchandise starts and ends. You can also shop wacky products like hip flasks, mugs, duvet sets, glassware, Pickle Rick banana guards (yes, they’re as magnificent as you’d imagine) along with superb Rick and Morty posters & prints. And if you’re new to the franchise and haven’t yet managed to sample some of this Adult Swim masterpiece (erm, what?) then you can play catch up with our range of Rick and Morty DVDs and Blu-rays.

Alongside that you can find the best Rick and Morty gifts with our range of whacky homeware that'll have your friends shouting Wubba Lubba Dub Dub in no time!

So come on, pick up your portal gun and head to Zavvi AU, your one stop shop for all Rick and Morty merch.