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Rugrats Merchandise

Calling all '90s and 2000s kids, enter the nostalgic world of Rugrats once again with Zavvi’s extensive range of DVDs and other exclusive merchandise. Now available on the Zavvi online store.

A Nickelodeon Classic

Ah, memories... For all those who grew up alongside Nickelodeon during the golden era of '90s cartoon viewing, you will be acutely familiar with the entourage of classic children’s TV shows that were available for your viewing pleasure. From SpongeBob to Ren and Stimpy to the gem of cartoon television that was Rugrats, was there ever better time to be alive? The answer is definitively NO.

One of TV’s longest-running animated series and an undeniable critical sensation, Rugrats follows the imaginative adventures of a group of growing babies, presenting a unique perspective as you join them on their many fun-loving escapades.

As children of some of worst parents in the world (no seriously, they are ridiculously oblivious), this collective of young explorers emancipate themselves from their playpens, treading out into a world of new experiences and exciting encounters.

Toddle alongside Tommy as he and his many friends - Chuckie, Angelica, Susi, Kimi, Dil, Spike, Phil, and Lil - embark on a series of adventures stretching over a decade of TV. And the adventure doesn’t end there, with Rugrats maturing to the realm of theatrical movie releases in 1998.

Coming off of the critical success of the network series, Rugrats took on the challenge of storytelling for a film audience. From the birth of Tommy’s younger brother, Dil, an exotic journey into the streets of Paris, and a crossover that finds the Rugrats stranded on a deserted island, there is more than enough excitement to satisfy any loyal Rugrats fan.

Recapture The Best Era Of Children’s TV

With the '90s now sadly out of reach, how are we supposed to recapture the essence of this defining era of cartoon viewing? The answer is simple: watch it all again!

Zavvi proudly presents a selection of Rugrats DVDs, allowing you to immerse yourself once more in its iconic episodes and return to a time of pure TV pleasure. And if that’s not enough, show your love further with our exclusive range of branded Rugrats clothing and figurines, allowing you to keep your favourite characters close with our high-quality products.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your exclusive merchandise today, suitable for gift giving or just as a gift to yourself – you deserve it!