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Veep Merchandise

Enter a world of political satire with Zavvi’s wide selection of Veep DVDs, Blu-rays, and branded Funko Pop! Vinyl figures of all your favourite characters from the show. Bringing you the best Veep gifts, there’s never been a better time to dive into this 7-series comedy adventure.

A Political Legacy

Based on British sitcom The Thick of It (written and directed by Armando Lannucci), Veep expands the political drama of the BBC series to the States and follows the escapades of the Vice President of the US, Selina Meyer (played by esteemed actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus), as she sets out on her mission to bring about change.

Follow her team as they attempt to make their mark in the realm of politics, often encountering challenges that both Meyer and her team are utterly unprepared to confront.

The Thick Of It

Preceding Veep, The Thick of It set the foundations for what would become the award-winning TV show.

Focusing on a fictional branch of the British government, The Thick of It is much like Veep, exploring the struggles of politics and the various conflicts that result from this. From battles with the media and the subsequent fallout of their actions, both The Thick of It and Veep present an innovative take on traditional comedy.

An Award-Winning Series

A series of vast critical acclaim, Veep has won numerous awards across its seven-series run-time, and it has amassed Emmy wins for its lead star Dreyfus, as well as nominations for the talented actor portraying Selina’s personal aide, Gary (played by Tony Hale), and the many cast members involved with Veep’s production.

With each of the seven series being critically lauded, there’s never a dull moment across its hours and hours of political content. And this is no small feat – Veep has managed to make politics interesting again, gathering a loyal audience of followers and ending its run as one of the greatest comedies in TV history.

Politics Made Entertainment

Find out where all the praise is coming from and explore Zavvi’s range of branded products from the political halls of Veep.

Start from the beginning, and watch through the entire seven series and massive 65 episodes of the show, now complete and available from Zavvi’s range of Veep DVDs and Blu-rays.

And complete your shelf collection with Veep Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, featuring such characters as Selina Meyer, Gary Walsh, Richard Splett, and Jonah Ryan.

Veep is the perfect gift for any fan of comedy or political drama, so don’t miss out!