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Apex Legends Merchandise

Join the fight with Zavvi’s high-quality range of branded Apex Legends merchandise, featuring all your favourite characters from the smash hit game!

Battle Royale for Legends

Spanning out from the world of the acclaimed Titanfall video game franchise, Apex Legends stands on its own as a unique venture into the world of Battle Royale.

Released worldwide on February 4, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, this newly launched online multiplayer game immediately established itself as one of the best in the first-person shooter genre.

A critical success across the board, Apex Legends is renowned as a worthy competitor to Fortnite, brandishing its responsive form of gunplay and allowing the player to enjoy a powerful experience as they ascend through the ranks.

Boasting a player base of upwards of 75 million a month, there’s never been a better time to jump in, test your skills and find out what Apex Legends is all about!

Carve your legend across the battlefield!

Pick your Legend and dive bravely into the conflict, joining up with a team of 3 to take on other enemy players across a variety of expansive maps and exotic locations.

Enjoy endless hours of fun as you shoot your way through each firefight and take on the different skills of each of the game’s many Legends.

From the many outlaws, soldiers, misfits and misanthropes, there’s a hero for every player!

And the experience doesn’t end there! Join in every month to unlock new Legends, weapons and loot.

Explore the dangerous Outlands as you compete in the legendary Apex Games to find out who is worthy of claiming the spoils of the land. Fame and glory are yours for the taking and no amount of gun-toting enemy can stand in the way of your prize!