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Wonder Woman Merchandise

Embark on a five-star holiday to Themyscira with Zavvi AU’s wide range of Wonder Woman merchandise. With our products — DVDs and Blu-rays, Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, clothing, homeware, posters, and more — you can show your support for one of the longest-serving superheroines in comics.

It’s About What You Believe

Wonder Woman (also known as Diana Prince) made her debut in All Star Comics #8 (1941). A princess of Themyscira, Diana is a member of the Amazons and the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta. As a demi-god, she possesses incredible powers: strength, speed, durability, flight, and more. Her arsenal includes the Lasso Of Truth, Golden Tiara, the Bracelets Of Submission, and the Invisible Plane. Using these strengths, Diana fights against all forms of villainy, both alone and alongside the Justice League (of which she is a founding member).

Over the course of her history, the character has appeared in various forms of media, brought to life in animation and live action. In 2016, Diana joined the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. She eventually starred in her own standalone movie in 2017.

Set in 1918, Wonder Woman (2017) begins with American pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashing off the coast of Themyscira. Seeing the incident, Diana (Gal Gadot) dives into the water and rescues him. She learns that his plane was downed by the Axis forces and draws the conclusion that Ares (David Thewlis), the god of war, is responsible for the ongoing world war. Against the wishes of Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), her mother and queen, Diana arms herself with a sword named the God Killer, the Lasso Of Truth, and armour before abandoning her homeland to end the conflict.

Wonderful Deals

Need to stop an asteroid? Call Superman. Need to solve a mystery? Fire up the Bat-Signal. Need some officially licensed Wonder Woman merchandise? Zavvi is here to accommodate. We have tons of goodies available to purchase, so you can find the best gifts for a Wonder Woman fan (or just treat yourself).

Brave the arsenal fire of No-Man's Land alongside DC’s sword-brandishing hero in the live-action movies, or experience the comic-inspired visuals of the animated films on DVD and Blu-ray (including 4K Blu-ray). Additionally, don’t forget to check out our exclusive steelbook editions.

Once you’ve finished watching Diana’s many on-screen adventures, start forming your own team of Amazonians with our Wonder Woman Funko Pop! Vinyls, action figures, and statues. These bring to life characters from the comics and their subsequent adaptations, providing a great opportunity to decorate your shelf or desk.