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Power Rangers Merchandise

Get ready for morphin’ time with Zavvi AU’s wide range of Power Rangers merchandise. For fans of the franchise, there’s never been a better opportunity to build your collection. Choose from a whole host of products, including DVDs and Blu-rays, Funko Pop! Vinyls, action figures, replicas, clothing, homeware, and more.

Morphin’ Time

The Power Rangers made their first appearance in the ‘90s, appearing in a popular television series and toy line. Making its debut in 1993, the original series spanned a total of three seasons and used footage from the Japanese TV series Super Sentai Zyuranger. Since then, there have been multiple spin-off series, video games, and movies. Nowadays, the franchise is recognised as a classic of pop culture.

Composed of five teenagers, the Power Rangers are guided and trained by the mighty Zordon to face the evil Rita Repulsa. They are instantly recognisable due to their brightly coloured suits, weapons, and colossal machines known as Zords (which can combine to form a giant humanoid machine known as the Megazord).

The original line-up of the team comprised Jason Lee Scott (the Red Ranger), Zack Taylor (the Black Ranger), Trini Kwan (the Yellow Ranger), Kimberly Hart (the Pink Ranger), Billy Cranston (the Blue Ranger), and Tommy Oliver (the Green Ranger). Together, they must face Repulsa, an evil humanoid alien witch bent on achieving galaxy-wide domination.

In 2017, a cinematic reboot was released. The film features the original team — Jason (Dacre Montgomery), Trini (Becky G), Billy (RJ Cyler), Zack (Ludi Lin), and Kimberly (Naomi Scott) — as they learn to become the Power Rangers with the help of Zordon (Bryan Cranston) to stave off an incoming threat.

Morphinomenal Deals

Join the team with our officially licensed selection of Power Rangers merchandise. These are the best gifts for fans of the franchise, so make sure you’re prepared for any upcoming birthday or Christmas.

Looking to catch up on all the action? Settle in for hours of entertainment with our complete DVD and Blu-ray box sets. Featuring all your favourite TV series and films, these are great additions to your collection and feature stunning high-definition visuals.

Morph your wardrobe with originally designed clothing inspired by the logo, characters, and Zords. We have loads of attire for you to choose from, such as T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts (available in sizes from XS to 5XL).

If you want to assemble your own team of Rangers, our Funko Pop! Vinyls and collectables provide everything you need. Pick your favourite character, or collect them all — the choice is yours.

What are you waiting for? Start browsing our Power Rangers merchandise today, and enjoy our exclusive offers!