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Are you real? Are we real? Is this our world? HBO’s Westworld has thrown up all sorts questions since premiering back in 2016, becoming a huge hit in the process and at Zavvi we have plenty of merchandise & gifts that’ll enable you to bring some of Delos’ crazy park to your home.

The first two seasons of Westworld are amongst the most gripping and thought provoking that we’ve seen of any show. The likes of Dolores, Maeve and William have been chewed up and spat out by the park and quite frankly we cannot wait for the highly anticipated return when season 3 airs in 2020.

James Delos was the founder of the Westworld park and here at Zavvi UK, you can bring some of his creation to life with our range of merchandise. Whether you find his park incredible or see it as a monster, everyone can agree that this show is pretty special. So why not support this superb franchise with our range of posters & prints, bobbleheads, DVDs & Blu-Rays - all making superb gifts for fans of the series.

Our range of Westworld merchandise allows you to gift or get your hands on your favourite characters such as Bernard, Clementine, Teddy, the Man in Black and much more with our selection of figures and Pop! Vinyl. And yes, we can confirm that they’re not real people (although for the Man in Black we’re not too sure).

Get ready for season 3 of Westworld with our selection of merchandise and recap the crazy events that have unfolded so far alongside your favourite characters. The ultimate gifts for lovers of the franchise.

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