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Bloodshot Merchandise

Discover a new breed of hero with Zavvi AU’s battle-hardened range of Bloodshot merchandise, inspired by both the Valiant comic books and the Sony Pictures movie.

We have some incredible offers for you to dive into, so don’t miss out on the ‘Psiot Killer’ and all the latest goodies surrounding this classic ‘90s character.

Comic Book Origins

Bloodshot was created in 1992 Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin, and Bob Layton as part of the Valiant Comics universe, first appearing on the pages of Eternal Warrior #4.

Early iterations of the character presenting Bloodshot as a hitman named Angelo Mortalli, who was enhanced with experimental nanites by Project Rising Spirit. This gave Mortalli his distinctive appearance, including chalky white skin and bloodshot red eyes – hence, the character received his alternative name. Additionally, these microscopic machines improved his physical capabilities, granting increased strength, speed, and healing capabilities, as well as control of technology.

In 1997, Acclaim Entertainment purchased Valiant Comics. This structural change meant that the character was rebooted by writer Len Kaminski and artist Sal Velluto. He now had a new name, Raymond Garrison, and a background as an amnesiac covert operative.

After another acquisition in 2004, Bloodshot was again rebooted in 2012 by Duane Swierczynski, Arturo Lozzi, and Manuel Garcia. This interpretation proved massively popular, continuing to be published many years later.

Bloodshot Film Adaptation

Following the 2012 reboot of Valiant Comics, there were talks surrounding various film adaptations of Valiant Universe properties, including Bloodshot and Harbinger. And in 2020, a Bloodshot movie was finally released.

Directed by David S.F Wilson and starring Vin Diesel, the film takes inspiration from the modern renditions of the character.

After failing to rescue his wife, Gina, from a hostage-taker called Axe and subsequently being killed himself, Ray Garrison awakens in Rising Spirit Technologies (RST) – a company specialising in cybernetic enhancement. Given abilities as part of the ‘Bloodshot’ program, Garrison embarks to hunt down the man who killed his wife.

Later, Garrison discovers that he is being manipulated: Gina is still alive, and his memories have been altered to coerce him into killing high-priority targets. Realising he has been used as a human weapon, he turns his attention to RST and attempts to put an end to their schemes.

Enhance Your Collection With RST

Refresh your memory of the film with our range of Bloodshot DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Blu-rays. In stunning high-definition quality, there’s never been a better way to experience this Vin Diesel epic.

Amongst our Bloodshot merchandise, you will also find a variety of collectables, including action figures. And if you want to don the iconic red-circle logo, update your wardrobe with our Bloodshot clothing – with a variety of cool T-shirts on offer.

What are you waiting for? Find a myriad of Valiant Comics-inspired products today!