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Castlevania Merchandise

Explore the enticing world of Castlevania with Zavvi’s broad collection of blood-curdling and exciting branded merchandise, available to all fans – both human and vampire alike.

A Land Of Terrors

Enter the gothic hellscape of Castlevania, now fully realised in glorious bloody detail in the critically acclaimed animated TV series, based on the iconic Konami video game franchise of the same name.

Witness the most feared of the vampires – the aged and bloodthirsty Dracula – as he launches a campaign of genocide against those who have wronged him.

Driving a path of demonic murder across the civilized world, this immortal Lord of Darkness seeks only to avenge the unjust murder of his cherished wife – who died screaming in anguish as humanity sentenced her to death and burned her upon a pyre of flame. In her final moments, only one phrase echoed from her burning body: “Forgive them.”

Those words that seared from her lips and into the pointed ears of Dracula would go unheeded. Instead, a time of death and desolation would follow. And no one, not man nor beast, is safe from the unrelenting hoard - a legion of vile monsters unleashed from the depths of hell itself upon the now-barren landscape of Wallachia.

Unexpected Heroes

Presenting a complex and in-depth study of the violent exploits of the most legendary of the vampires, Castlevania illuminates the character of Dracula in a light unlike you have ever seen before – but thankfully not sunlight! And his bloody path to revenge is elevated by a diverse entourage of intriguing lead characters...

Follow in the reluctant footsteps of the mighty beast hunter Trevor Belmont - last remaining descendent in a familial line of famed warriors. Seeking nothing but the peace of alcohol-induced inebriation, this man of feigned indifference launches on a quest to save humanity from those that walk the night.

And joining alongside him, meet Cipher. A mage of unlimited potential, born into a dwindling collective of pacifist knowledge-keepers, known as the Speakers.

These two unwitting heroes are supported by a diverse cast of unique and fantastical characters, from Dracula’s own half-breed son, Alucard, to the many vampiric warlords who seek to rule over humanity like cattle.

A Collection Of Monsters

Build your own Castle Dracula and fill it with a vast array of branded collectable merchandise directly from Zavvi. Decorate your shelves with Funko Pop! Vinyl, figures, and statues, featuring detailed representations of all your favourite Castlevania characters. And experience the grand mythology of the Castlevania universe by delving your fangs into the sensational TV series, available for purchase in high-definition DVD and Blu-ray format.