Better Call Saul

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Better Call Saul Merchandise

We are proud to reveal to you our exclusive range of branded merchandise, designed with the most loyal Saul fans in mind.

Expanding A Legacy

Spinning off from the critical success of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul expands upon this world of American crime drama in an intense series following the escapades of Chicago con-man Jimmy McGill as we track his slow evolution into becoming the infamous Saul Goodman – a criminal defence attorney with deep roots in the Juarez cartel.

Following Goodman over multiple series, witness his evolution into the enigmatic character known from Breaking Bad. Inspired to turn his life around and pursuing a respectable legal career, this now ex-scam artist finds himself enveloped in the illegal drug trade - destined to meet the iconic Walter White.

As well as the title character, Saul Goodman, follow along on a parallel journey with retired Philadelphia police officer Mike Ehrmantraut, and find out how these two differing paths converge in climatic fashion.

A critical success without contention, Better Call Saul elevated itself from the shadow of its parent TV show, becoming an entity able to stand proud next to the mighty Breaking Bad. Over its time on the air, the show defied all expectations to become a 5-series epic. And many a loyal watcher would argue it to be superior to its lauded predecessor. A claim which, as everybody knows, is a bold but not necessarily untrue proclamation.

And once you’re all caught up, return to the pilot show that started it all - the legendary Breaking Bad - and continue on with the events of Saul Goodman’s life of intrigue and excitement.