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Dexter Merchandise

“Tonight’s the night.”

Dexter is an award-winning US crime drama revolving around the eponymous Dexter Morgan, a psychopath with his murderous sights set on punishing the guilty - not your average serial killer by any means.

First airing in October 2006, the show has since accumulated a massive audience of fans eagerly tuning in to watch its many seasons - each steadily upping the ante of Dexter’s violent habits, to the delight of viewers worldwide.

Explore Zavvi AU’s complete line-up of Dexter merchandise today to ensure you never miss out on any episodes of this addictive crime series. With complete boxsets available for an affordable price, you’re guaranteed to find a killer deal!

A Serial Killer Stopping Crime?

Officer Harry Morgan (James Remar) arrives on a crime scene to find a two-year-old child who has just witnessed the brutal murder of his mother by a gang of drug dealers. Sympathetic, Officer Morgan decides to adopt the young boy, who we will all come to know as the psychopath Dexter (portrayed by Michael C. Hall).

As a result of his trauma, Dexter has developed sociopathic tendencies. Recognising this, Harry Morgan channels the boy’s murderous bloodlust towards those people more deserving: serial killers.

Dexter later gains employment as a forensic analyst in an attempt to cover his violent activities, specialising in the examination of blood-splatter patterns - fitting for a man of his more explicit recreational exploits.

A Crime Drama With A Twist

Watch Dexter juggle his double life as he attempts to maintain his façade as a socially responsible human being.

With our full page of Dexter merchandise, it’s never been easier to experience the show from start to finish, presenting each season on both Blu-ray and DVD.

Whether you're looking for a new series to occupy your evenings or are in the mood to revisit the life of your ‘favourite’ serial killer, Zavvi are on hand to give your living room a Dexter-inspired makeover – plastic sheets not required!