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Mrs Brown’s Boys DVD's & Blu-Ray

Take your first steps inside the hilarious, award-winning world of Mrs Brown’s Boys, and explore Zavvi’s extensive collection of DVDs, Blu-rays, and merchandise.

Comedy Gold

Created and starring award-winning writer and actor Brendan O’Carroll, live television sitcom Mrs Brown’s Boys follows O’Carroll as he dons his drag attire and transforms into the foul-mouthed Agnes Brown.

Developed over the course of many years, the title character first appeared in a series of stage plays, radio plays, books, and straight-to-DVD films, making the show’s conception one that stretches back to the early '90s.

The off-the-tilt show also features a wide, charismatic cast of endearing actors comprising Mrs Brown’s recurring friends and family. Follow alongside with the on-going escapades of Grandad, Mark, Rory, Cathy, and many more names you will become closely familiar with.

Entering the home of Mrs Brown, you never know what ridiculously hilarious moments await inside. You will find yourself rolling on the floor with laughter or shedding a tear as you quickly become attached to the outlandish lives of the Brown family and friends.

So, immerse yourself in the drama of the hit comedy TV show, and settle in for a ride unlike any other!

Mrs Brown Goes To The Movies!

Now a loyal fan of Mrs Brown’s Boys? Don’t threat, the shenanigans of the show continue in the form of film, bringing Agnes Brown to the grand stage.

Released in 2014, Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie sees our favourite angsty grandma going to court as she defends her small stall from the predatory shop developers who want to build over it.

Breaking records to become one of the highest-grossing opening days in Irish box office history, this is one you definitely don’t want to miss!

Become One Of Mrs Brown’s Boys

Want more Mrs Brown’s Boys content to fill your evenings? Then get ready to build your steadily rising collection of Mrs Brown’s Boys DVDs and Blu-rays (available in high-definition quality).

And that’s not all: there are loads of unseen extras never before aired on TV and a vast treasure trove of specials from the holiday season. So, expect all the expletive language and rude, unfiltered set pieces that you will come know well from this engrossing family.

Still not enough? Ok then... Get ready to settle in with your own family and fight tooth and nail in the Mrs Brown’s Boys board game. But don’t blame us when you’re unable to escape the flurry of uncontrollable laughter!