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Take your pick of DVDs here at Zavvi, the premier destination for all the top films and TV series you could ever need. From the newest film releases to the older classics, we have movies covering every genre and age, from action to horror, comedy TV series to the best selling Hollywood blockbusters, and so much more; you can find amazing bargains and all your favourites right here. Your DVD collection starts now. We've even got DVDs for under £5!

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If you’re a loyal film or TV buff, you won’t believe the great offers we have here at Zavvi—the premier destination to find all your the top films and TV shows.

Take your pick from a huge range of new and old DVD releases, capturing your favourite moments and allowing you to revisit them time and time again.

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DVDs For Everyone

When it comes to entertainment, there is no such things as one size fits all. Everybody has their own unique tastes, and we aim to cater to them all.

Our DVD range is massive, encompassing all areas of film and TV. So, whether you’re looking for the latest film releases or the older classics, you can happily immerse yourself in content from all eras.

Likewise, we have movies and TV shows covering every genre: from action to horror, comedy TV series to the best-selling Hollywood blockbusters, and so many more.

And, of course, there is something for every age bracket—no matter if the audience is a young kid or a full-grown adult, we offer DVDs from all ratings: U, PG, 12, 15, and 18.

Blockbuster Cinema To TV Boxsets

DVDs encompass all forms of entertainment, ranging from a compact two-hour film to a sprawling eight-season TV series. It’s a wide spectrum, to say the least.

But not to worry... We have a mix of both, with a variety of single-disc movies and multi-disc boxsets covering your favourite TV shows from start to finish.

DVD marathon, here we come!

Find The Best Deals On DVDs

If you don’t already have a growing DVD collection, there has never been a better time to start. With Zavvi, we have a wide range of great-value offers, including DVDs for under £5!

At such unbeatable value, you’ll be a proud collector before you know it.