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Funko Pop! Merchandise

Start building your collection of pop culture collectibles, accessories, and toys with Zavvi AU’s wide range of Funko Pop! merchandise.

Here you will find a variety of products, including Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, Pocket Pop! keychains, Dorbz, plushies, homeware, and more!

If you’re a fan of pop culture (or know someone who is), this is the ideal place to begin your search for inspired products – the perfect gifts for collectors.

Who are Funko?

Founded in 1998 by Mike Becker, the American-based Funko company manufactures and distributes unique collectors’ items inspired by the different corners of pop culture. Their product range encompasses everything from film franchises to band members - and all things in between.

Since making their debut, Funko has become a leading player in the collectibles market, amassing a huge following of fans.

Find Your Funko

In our Funko Pop! merchandise line-up, you will find all the greatest Funko creations:

Go back to the classics with our huge ensemble of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, capturing the likeness of your favourite fictional characters and real-life individuals – presented with that signature Funko style. Or keep them close with Funko Pocket Pop! keychains, adding some personality to your on-the-go accessories.

Alternatively, check out Funko’s other products: Dorbz, Funko 5 Star, Vynl., Mystery Minis, Funkoverse strategy games, Rock Candy, Mopeez, plushies, and homeware.

And if this still isn’t enough, we have a Funko sale page for you to find all the best bargains.

The ‘Fun’ko Begins!

With so much on offer, there’s only one question that remains: what are you waiting for?

Explore Zavvi’s Funko Pop! merchandise page to start your collection or today. Find those perfect gifts for a pop culture fan, or give yourself a well-earned treat.

With our low prices, it’s never been easier to get started!