🐉Once a generation, a tournament is held between the champions of Outworld and Earthrealm.🐉

This tournament will determine the fate of Earth and all its citizens. Lord Raiden, protector of Earthrealm, must gather the greatest fighters of his realm to defend it from the evil Shang Tsung in the battle to end all battles.
MORTAL KOMAT Varsity Jacket

MORTAL KOMBAT Varsity Jacket

Introducing the brand new Mortal Kombat Unisex Varsity Jacket! Featuring a stunning back print of the iconic of scorpian vs subzero, this jacket is perfect for fans of Mortal Kombat and it’s rich lore!



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Mortal Kombat (2021) follows the commercial failure of the 1997 Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and the failure of a third film which lingered in creation for nearly two decades. Warner Bros. Pictures acquired the franchise in 2009 and announced producer James Wan in 2015 and director Simon McQuoid in 2016 and production began in 2019 ready for the release in January 2021 which was delayed due to COVID-19 to April 2021.